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Bitukleen® No.3 is an eco-friendly cleaning fluid for removing bitumen from rakes, shovels, paving machines, vehicle bodies or any other metallic surface. It is primarily made from rapeseed oil and is highly biodegradable.

Traditionally surfacing contractors will have used red diesel to clean down their equipment, and while diesel is cheap and gets the job done to an extent, in today's climate where health, safety and environmental concerns are increasingly important, more and more companies are finding that diesel simply isn't suitable and are turning to more ecologically sound alternatives. The main problems with diesel are its environmentally hazardous nature and potentially dangerous carcinogenic fumes it emits, and Bitukleen® No.3 not only solves both these concerns but is also more effective at dissolving bitumen.

Bitukleen® No.3 is the UK's best-selling environmentally-friendly bitumen dissolver and is used exclusively by all the major contractors such as Tarmac, Lafarge, Aggregate Industries and Balfour Beatty, as well as numerous local authority highways teams. Proteus has been producing Bitukleen® for over 16 years and the fact that it is not classed as a solvent or an irritant has no doubt helped it to become the best-selling product of its type in the UK.

Also potentially of interest is our new asphalt release agent, Bituslide®, which is used for stopping asphalt sticking to truck bodies.

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