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Handylift Texas Hydraulic

A fast, powerful, versatile lifter

The Handylift Hydraulic is Proteus' best-selling and most verstatile lifter. It is light and easy to use, and with a safe working load of 1.5 tonnes it will enable anyone to lift even stuck covers with minimal effort. With the right selection of keys and accessories, it is capable of lifting virtually any cover with keyholes, including single piece sewer covers, split 'double-triangle' covers, block-paved covers with four keyholes, and Elkington Gatic covers.

The lifter can be carried completely assembled in a van, or can disassembled quickly and easily to fit into smaller spaces. The photo here shows it taken apart to fit into the boot of a VW Golf.

One of the important things to remember for UK-based customers is that a Handylift Hydraulic lifter will help you fulfil your obligations under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992. We have supplied our lifters to all major UK utility companies, councils, and thousands of other clients.

Larger sizes available for bigger covers

The standard model is capable of lifting covers up 900 x 900mm. For covers larger than this, we also stock the Handylift Texas Hydraulic. This unit is a physically larger version of the standard model, and can tackle covers up to 1200 x 1200mm. The Texas is the only hydraulic manhole lifter in the UK designed to tackle covers this large. And if that is still not big enough, we can alter wheelspans and body length to lift even bigger manhole covers.

These lifters are priced without keys, as we always try and ensure our customers get the keys they need, and none that they don't need. With this in mind we have developed our 'Cover Selector'. This document can be downloaded from our website and will help us specify you the right kit.

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